iStock_000013340968SmallNot only cleansing is important for the intimate area – you should also pay attention to care. If you follow these simple ground rules you can prevent unpleasant infections and irritations:

Try to keep your intimate area fresh, dry and clean
Always wash your hands before you touch your intimate area
In public toilets you should avoid any direct contact with the toilet seat. If you need to sit down, take toilet paper to cover the seat.
After urinating dry your intimate area with a clean and soft toilet tissue (never use perfumed refreshing tissues!).
Always wipe from front to back (also after defecation) – never vice versa!
Treat your intimate area with care and do not rub or scratch it, because this will irritate your labia. At worst you could suffer from skin rupture – therefore always dab carefully.
Only use products with the appropriate pH value of the intimate area and a soap and alcohol free formula.

Vagina, labia and clitoris can be treated externally with natural oils such as avocado, jojoba, almond or sunflower. Moreover there are sensitive creams that are specially designed for the intimate area. They prevent skin irritations and infections, provide the skin with valuable, moisturizing nutrients and therefore create a soft and smooth feeling.
If you suffer from itchiness or a small infection, use a special sensitive cream. Make sure that the cream is specially designed for the intimate area, so that it can sooth the sensitive skin and provide it with valuable nutrients. Products containing vitamin E, panthenol, hop extracts and/or hyaluron acid are particularly suitable.
Change your underwear daily (for more information see ‘clothing’).
If you shave your intimate area, you should pay special attention to care products (for more information see ‘shaving’).