The new VABELLE intimate razor revolutionise intimate shaving and let you feel an absolutely new shaving experience!

His shape is seductive, his design is worthy of an award and his size is impressively small! But the new VABELLE intimate razor makes big things happen, makes females’s hearts beat faster and is the top gadget at home or on the way!



For body parts which are difficult to access, shaving with normal razor can be very exhausting.

Normal razor may work for legs where imprecise moves aren’t that important. Under the arms it bacomes harder and in the intimate area it’s exhausting and dangerous when we aren’t able to work 100% precisely.

The new VABELLE intimate razor is specifically designed for the female intimate areas, without any stick and is impressively small. His patented, ergonomically shape of this special razor, your fingers are as close as possible to the blades. This provides 100% control, accuracy and reliability for a direct and intuitively felt shaving of your sensitive body parts.

The unique design is based on the natural three finger grip. Movements and pressure are transmitted  1:1 on the skin as you shave with you own fingers directly. This makes shaving easier, more natural and much more safer.

Its nano-coated, high-quality blades with a moisturising strip of aloe vera and vitamin E are easy to change with just one finger. Every single blade is hygienic packed.

Contents: 1 x VABELLE intimate razor with balde, 1 x replacement blade

Accessories: replacement blades VABELLE intimate razor blades 8pcs and 3pcs