iStock_000004156530SmallAll our tips & tricks or care and clothing recommendations do not help in the least bit if your partner does not clean and shave his intimate area properly. So do not create a taboo – talk about it. As a matter of course you should follow the ground rules of safer sex. Among AIDS there are other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and infections, which one can get from unprotected sex. No matter if they are life-threatening or not – intimate infections and diseases are some of the most unpleasant things in life. Being in a partnership or single, you should always take care of intimate hygiene, contraception, lubricants and other auxiliaries or sex toys. Therefore always clean sex toys with a special product before you use them. Moreover you should avoid ‘self-made’ auxiliaries – they may seem to fulfill the purpose, but only on first sight.
When it comes to your intimate area, a small investment in a good product is worth it. In addition we recommend the following:

Use only condoms with at least EN /ISO standard
Lubricants should be specially designed for the intimate area. That way it is guaranteed that a lubricant does not contain ingredients that harm the vaginal flora.
Always check if a sex toys is medically tested and if the material is skin-compatible.