Women in showerIn principle it is a simple and natural thing to do. Daily cleansing of the intimate area is a matter of course. Nevertheless, there are a few ground rules you should keep in mind to prevent unpleasant surprises. The intimate area is by far the most sensitive part of your body. It is always warm and moist – theoretically an ideal breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and germs. But nature invented a special, protective acid mantle for the female bikini zone. This mantle or layer consists of microorganisms that fight bacteria and germs. In this context you should know that the vaginal flora’s pH value is 4 to 4.5, which means that it is lower than the pH value of normal skin (about 5.5). This fact is crucial when it comes to intimate hygiene. If your cleansing product has the wrong pH value your intimate area will lose its balance which causes skin irritations and other interferences.

Although Mother Nature provided us with self-protection and self-cleaning systems, the vaginal flora can be easily imbalanced. Unhealthy diet, stress, psychological strains, hormonal medication and antibiotics weaken the natural protection layer. These circumstances allow bacteria, germs and fungi to multiply. Despite our natural protection system we feel the need to clean our intimate area. There is a multitude of reasons for this: e.g. moisture, sweat and unpleasant odor. Now you might ask yourself: How do I clean my intimate area correctly?

The following 1×1 of intimate cleansing will help you to keep your bikini zone healthy and fresh:

Only use products that have the appropriate pH value and a soap and alcohol free formula
Do not use your regular shower gel for intimate cleansingUse clear, lukewarm water together with special cleansing products
Apply the cleansing products only to the external parts of your vagina
Do not direct the water jet into your vagina, because it will increase the risk of vaginal and pelvic infections
Use your hands – washcloths and sponges are a real paradise for bacteria and germs
If you still prefer washcloths, use them only once and boil them afterwards Always wipe from front to back – never vice versa After cleansing you should thoroughly dab your vagina dry, but never rub it
Shave your intimate area. If you are not the type for a complete shave, at least trim your pubic hair, because it creates a warm and moist environment which is an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria.