Smiling woman with disposable shaver in bathroom

The shaving of the intimate area is a big subject in our society. Although not everybody likes to talk about it, most people actually shave or trim their pubic hair (see FACTS & FIGURES) Nowadays there are different ways of styling pubic hair:

Hollywood, Brazilian
Irokese, Landing Strip

In terms of styling there is no right or wrong – it is all about personal preferences and ideas. That is why we do not give any recommendations. Same goes for the different methods of shaving – still we want to inform you about them. Everyone has his or her own preferences and skin type and therefore uses a different method of hair removal:

Dry shave with an electric razor
Wet shave with razor (blade) and foam
Epilation and /or tweezers
Depilatory crèmes
Laser treatment
When it comes to shaving & shaving care there are a number of things a woman has to bear in mind to prevent unnecessary problems:

Pubic hair is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and germs. The intimate body cult is therefore (from a hygienic point of view) useful and recommendable.
If you prefer wet shave, always use fresh razor blades and never share them with anyone else.
Always shave with the grain of your hair.
Try to keep your skin tight and firm while shaving.
Heat helps to open the pores which will make shaving easier.
Mirrors are sometimes a useful tool – but being shaved by someone else is also an option.
To prevent skin irritation, razor burn and ingrown hair use a special after shave care product. Depending on personal preferences it can be useful to apply a shave oil that is specially designed for the intimate area. The oil softens skin and hair, provides the skin with valuable nutrients and forms a protective oil layer for extra sensitive shaving. A positive side effect is that massaging creates heat which opens the pores and makes shaving easier. Shaving products should not only contain caring ingredients, but also soothing and anti-inflammatory substances. Particularly suitable are natural elements such as mint, tea-tree oil and bisabolol (main active substance of chamomile).
It is advisable to use a special shaving lotion – ideally one that is combined with an intimate washing lotion. That way you can shave while having a shower – as fast and easy as it could be. Mixed with water the lotion becomes an ideal shaving foam which allows the razor to glide smoothly and therefore prevents injuries. Use only lukewarm water – it is warm enough to open the pores but does not have damaging effects on the vaginal flora. We recommend products with a perfume and alcohol free formula, which do not cause skin dryness and still create a wonderful shaving foam.
Apply only light pressure to the razor.
It is important to apply a special intimate care cream after shaving.

Shaving is stressful to your skin – despite all auxiliaries and tips. Some products withdraw moisture from the skin which is why it can be extra sensitive after shaving. It is recommended to use soothing, cooling and moisturizing products with regenerating effects. Typical ingredients for such products are for example aloe vera, lavender, sage and bisabolol. Lavender and sage are known for their antiperspirant and refreshing effects. Avoid aggressive products that contain alcohol (like aftershave). Among other problems it will cause itching and damage to the vaginal flora resulting in a loss of balance.