iStock_000006405430SmallThe importance of clothing in intimate wellbeing is highly underestimated. Wearing the right underwear and knowing some basic facts about clothing helps to keep your intimate area healthy:

Good clothing reduces the production of sweat and similar fluids in the intimate area. That way clothing prevents infections and unpleasant odors.
Cotton and microfiber are better than synthetics due to their air permeability and absorbency, which make them hygienic and skin- friendly.
Although sexy underwear is beautiful and erotic – wear lace panties & thongs selectively and not exclusively. They irritate the external part of the intimate area more than ‘normal’ underwear. It is -like many nice & beautiful things in life – a question of degree.
Change your underwear every day to prevent infections and irritations.
Ideally, you use underwear that has a ‘wash at 60 degrees sign’, because at this temperature all germs and bacteria will be destroyed. There are special detergents with disinfecting effects which you should use for underwear that cannot be washed at 60 degrees.
Do not leave your underwear lying on the floor or in other unhygienic places before you wear it.
Slim- fit jeans create a firm buttocks and tights a nice silhouette, but on the downside they can be unhealthy for the intimate area. This kind of clothing puts pressure on the bikini zone, irritates the sensitive skin and reduces the blood flow and the air circulation. So it is the same as with synthetics: do not wear them every day.
Genital piercings should not contain nickel or cobalt. Still you cannot rule out irritations completely, because intimate jewelry always causes friction.