What use are the greatest promises, if in the end the product does not work and misses its purpose. Quality manifests itself not only in the purity of the ingredients, the hygienic conditions of the production or the qualitative high-grade packing, in which the ingredients stay fresh as long as possible.

Quality is expressed in our knowledge about the intimate well being, on which all our formulas and methods of production are built.

The employees and partners of the Vabelle cosmetics GmbH have all been working in the field of intimate hygiene, contraceptives, cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry. We would be happy if you trust in our products and experience pleasure and joy whenever you use them.



We use natural ingredients as the basis of our formulas to support the vaginal flora. Chemical compound, as stable as they may be, can be unsuitable for long term use on more sensitive parts of the body.

We focus on paraben free and hypoallergenic ingredients as well as on animal free tested and vegan products. None of our surfactants are based on paraffines. We use renewable raw materials in an economical way. The few preservatives we use in our products are proven to have no side effects.

Why should we not go back to nature and use the knowledge about herbs that have anti-inflammatory effects and are known for their caring and protecting properties. Green tea, aloe vera, lavender, sage, hop extracts and silk create new and unique active ingredient complexes that are perfectly suitable for every aspect of Intimate Wellbeing.



The art of producing constantly high quality products is only achievable due to our reliable suppliers, our modern machinery and rules which every employee in the field of production has to follow. Our products are not manufactured by machines, but by our employees.

Our employees know from experience how to manufacture high quality products and how to meet our high standards – it is their passion.

We would like to emphasize, that our whole production is situated in Germany and Switzerland.



The packaging of Vabelle products is not only supposed to sell and look nice in the bathroom.In fact the products must be protected so they can stay intact and keep their effectiveness.For our care products we use a so called Airless System. With this system the content of the container does not come into contact with the skin surface, but the required dose is transported into your hand or onto your intimate area via a pump. That way, bacteria on your hands or your intimate area cannot flow back into the container and contaminate it. This means, that the product has a longer shelf life and we have to use less preservatives.

Packaging waste is contrary to what we stand for. As far as it is possible by today’s standards we use packaging material made of regenerative raw materials. The C0² balance of the production of our packaging material plays as big a role, as the appropriate disposal. Questionable ingredients in printing color or outdated manufacturing techniques in the production of plastic caps or tubes are ruled out of our purchase. We buy our cardboard from local producers and do not ship them over the Seven Seas.