shutterstock_65134981During your menstruation the risk for infections is increasing. That is why you should pay special attention to intimate hygiene during this time. Moreover these simple tips can help to prevent infections:

Change tampons and sanitary napkins regularly (especially important after swimming)
During days of heavy bleeding it is recommended to wash several times a day with a very sensitive washing lotion.
If you are suffering from an infection while menstruating choose sanitary napkins instead of tampons.
The surface of a sanitary pad should not contain synthetic materials. That way your skin can breathe and there is no accumulation of sweat or similar fluids.
Avoid scented tampons and sanitary pads.
A really good alternative to tampons and pads are menstrual cups that collect blood instead of absorbing it. The advantages of menstrual cups are on the one hand their material (medically tested silicone) that does not allow germs and bacteria to accumulate or multiply. On the other hand the collected blood is not in constant contact with the vaginal membrane and does not interfere with the natural self cleaning process (as it is with tampons). Being free from any chemicals, menstrual cups cannot cause allergic reactions. Moreover the cup can be sterilized after each menstruation cycle and is therefore reusable – a great way to save money and help the environment by saving waste.
It is absolutely normal that consistency smell and color of the vaginal discharge change during the menstruation cycle.